What Causes Mcafee Error Code 12007 And How To Fix It

What Causes Mcafee Error Code 12007 And How To Fix It

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    If you’re getting mcafee error code 12007 on your computer, then you should check out these suggested fixes. Error 12007 away (“Name not resolved”) means that no DNS response should come. Try accessing the Internet using your trusted web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.). If you can, then the problem is not with the CFS program.

    Don’t worry. I was doing some tests in a big lab and just noticed that I have a bad internet DNS server in (services stop intermittently).

    If you still have problems, Server compare.log Agent_Handler_Install_PathDBLogs, there should be 1 something like:

    20101021143328 EE #1352 mod_eporepo failed, if you want to send an HTTP request that the destination address for MACHINENAME.EPOLAB.local cannot be resolved, change the machine’s post-dns configuration if needed to resolve this issue.


    I’m trying to find a custom agent handler that will contact the ePO using just an IP address. I bought ServerIPAddress= and changed the name to IP to no avail. Maybe someone will respond or I’ll post once if I know more.

    Clients do not receive updates from With the help of a remote handler from agents with the following error:

    Could not find large repository

    Clients can access the remote Agent Handler and the necessary ports are open. However, the remote Agent Handler cannot retrieve packages from the ePO server’s shared folder for tweets from client systems.


    X#02716 CmnLib call queue 0x546d7078 callback WQItem offer…#02716
    x mod_eporepo Successfully uploaded https://host file.name.com:443/Software/replica.log to the main source repository
    x #02716 disabled mod_eporepo CA trust settings. Error
    e#02716 mod_eporepo issues an HTTP request. System error=12007
    Mod_eporepo e#02716 System error 12007 means that the destination address cannot be resolved to host.name.com. If necessary, change the computer’s DNS configuration to resolve this issue
    E#02716 mod_eporepo Real connection failed from log https://host.name.com:443/Software/replica.Mod_eporepo
    e#02716 Unable to export Https://host content for.name.com:443/Software/replica.log, system error cache repository 2
    x #04744 mod_eporepo C:Program for Files (x86)McAfeeAgent HandlerDBRepoCachecatalog.z
    X#02716 Queue 0x546d7078 cmnlib Get work itemee Daf7e0, queue cookie=546d7048, Param1=de72de8, Param2=0, QueueLength=0
    X #02716 cmnlib queue 0x546d7078 WQItem…
    callback callX#02716mod_eporepo Report https://host.name.com:443/Software/catalog.z downloaded successfully from disabled master source repository
    x #02716 mod_eporepo CA trust settings. Error
    e#02716 deliver mod_eporepo for HTTP request. System error=12007
    E#02716 mod_eporepo System error 12007 usually cannot resolve the destination for host.name.com. To resolve this issue, adjust your computer’s DNS settings to suit your needs Not mod_eporepo
    E#02716 failed to connect from https://host.name.com:443/Software/catalog.#02716 z
    e mod_eporepo Error getting content https://host for.name.com:443/Software/catalog.z, computer error 2
    X#04744 Mod_eporepo repository request processed rc=500, epo, id=16, session time=670ms session
    X#04744 mod_eporepo Current Wide Sessions=0

    After upgrading to ePO 5.10.x, requests for all content channels fail.

    All managed products that use a disk data channel are affected, for example:

  • Encryption (DE)
  • File and Removable Storage Protection (FRP)
  • The “Run” wakeup task will be affected.client’s task now.


    866 masvc(1848.2052) ahclient.Info: RC network library means <1008>, agent handler reports <503> response mode.
    866 masvc(1848.2052) ahclient.Info: The Feedback Manager server is busy with an agent. Response code 503.


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  • (ePO and/or possibly agent record handler) remote retrack if this request is certainly received #06332:

    I got NAIMSERV [MsgUpload] on :1BEBF53A-0F42-11E9-28E1-0024D74A7EBC
    E #06332 MCUPLOAD SecureHttp.cpp(987): Failed to send HTTP request. Error=12175 (12175)
    E Server #06332 NAIMSERV. Error: cpp(583) request, communication error = code 0x80004005, HTTP status = 0
    E #06332 NAIMSERV server.cpp(968): Error sending data channel message – application server
    I #06332 Handling naimserv [MsgUpload] from In : 16ms
    E #06332 AgentServerCommHandler naimserv.cpp(691): Failed to process selected agent request
    I #06332 MOD_EPO EPO request processed, rc=503, session id=101818, session time=31ms


    mcafee error code 12007

    technical article:KB92553
    Last modified: February 5, 2021


    McAfee Agent (MA) 5.x
    McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 5.x


    general Although the communication between McAfee Agent and the ePO server is working, the actual requests for the

    data feed

    are not performed.

    mcafee error code 12007

    The following error is logged in the client archive



    558 masvc(9096.15416) msgbus.Debug: Endpoint < my . service.io>Release
    ————————————————– ————————————————– —-
    masvc(9096.15416) ahclient.Info: Received, communicating with pipe connection Network return code 1008, equals response code 503.v 2020-03-18 15:37:34.558 Uploading DataChannel to device network – <1008>, HTTP response <503 >
    masvc(9096.15416) DataChannel.Manager.Failed Error: upload to EPO
    ————————————————– server package————————————–
    masvc(9096.15416) msgbus.Debug: Topic Accessibility <1>
    masvc(9096.15416) loop_worker.Trace: one asynchronous worker request allowed, there are 2 pending requests hereMasvc(9096 workers.15416) msgbus.Debug: Topic Accessibility <1>
    masvc(9096.15416) loop_worker.Asynchronous trace: work request scheduled, now has 3 pending millet
    masvc(9096 work.15416) network.Trace: Poller 1164v

    The file


    and the remote agent handler log accurately record the following errors #04192:

    E AgentServerCommHandler naimserv .cpp( 656 ): Agent request cannot be
    I have processed request #04192 MOD_EPO epo processed, rc=503, lesson id=8192, session time=2296ms
    I NAIMSERV #04192 obtained from [msgupload] —————————————– ——— :6ce6286c-6959-11ea-361b-0050569cab4d
    ————————————————– —-
    E #04192 MCUPLOAD SecureHttp.Error cpp(984): error sending HTTP.Error=12007 (12007)
    E #04192 MCUPLOAD SecureHttp.cpp(986): system error 12007 means that the destination address for could not be determined, when solving the problem, select the required computer DNS configuration ———— – ——————————-
    I want
    ————————————————– this #04192 NAIMSERV server.cpp(558): From Failed err=0x80004005, send request, HTTP code=0
    Status E #04192 NAIMSERV server.cpp(923): Error presenting datalink message to production application server
    I Process #04192 naimserv [MsgUpload] at : 6CE6286C-6959-11EA-361B-0050569CAB4D at #04192 NAIMSERV 2282ms
    e AgentServerCommHandler.cpp(656): Agent request may not be processed
    I #04192 MOD_EPO requires epo request, rc=503, idSession Timer=8193, Session Time=2297ms